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Vesta Schneider

Welcome to my blog, Humpty Dumpty Parent. I am mommy of two wonderful children, author of a book for parents “Mommy, Are You Ready For Potty Training?!” and model. I have stayed at home to raise my family since 2007. Raising children is the most challenging job of all; it is also the most rewarding. When I became a mother, I also became a better, stronger and more tired person.
For the last eight years we have been moving a lot and I found it difficult to meet other parents; especially when it’s cold outside. That’s how this blog was born. I share joys of motherhood and sometimes hardships of raising our children and being married. I also love to bake, make arts and crafts with the kids, gardening and reading books. I care about using only organic products (or make my own), eating healthy, supporting local farmers, and recycling.
Many years ago, my husband Robert J Schneider, used to be a chef and now he shares his recipes with us. My friends say that I am lucky to have hubby who cooks for me. I say he is lucky to have a wife who likes to eat.
Life is best when shared with company, even when that company is a screaming five year old and crying three year old. Those days will soon be gone, and even sooner missed. So share with me the gifts of knowledge, recipes, mistakes and victories.
You can reach me at vschneider at HumptyDumptyParent dot com

Susie Klein  - Freelance Writer

I am a California girl, born in San Francisco and I still love living in Nor Cal. I have been married to my high school crush for 34 years. We have raised two amazing and creative sons, who have now convinced me that I was and am a pretty good mom. Before they arrived, I taught pre-school and sold shoes. After staying home to raise my boys and working along side my husband in full-time ministry work, I am now doing what I’ve always done, I write.

When the boys were little I wrote a newspaper column twice a month in between carpool lines, church activities and gathering up action figures off the floor. I grabbed moments during naptimes and early mornings before the house was awake. I was also a church receptionist and pastor’s wife, which is a fulltime job in itself. Now I am writing from the “other side” of motherhood as an empty-nester (on and off!). I see the angst and worry of moms today and want to send a message from this side, that it all works out okay.

I am a freelance writer for multiple websites and I love spending hours working and playing online with my coffee, a new box of Good & Plenty and Sinatra in the background.

Read more on my Freelance Website  and my Personal Blog

You can reach me at  bsusieklein at gmail dot com